NMVC Action Fund supports these terrific candidates and urges you to vote for them! They know that the way to a better future for New Mexico is by investing in our people through strengthening our health care system, improving our public schools, and investing in our children by providing access to high quality early education.


Paul Kinzelman

House District 8

Brittney Barreras

House District 12

Marian Matthews

House District 27

angelica rubio

House District 35

Matthew mcqueen

House District 50

Randal brown

House District 63

Andres romero

House District 10

Dayan Hochman-Vigil

House District 15

Melanie Stansbury

House District 28

Kristina ortez

House District 42

Dorreen gallegos

House District 52

karen bash

House District 68

Javier martinez

House District 11

Meredith dixon

House District 20


House District 31

gary tripp

House District 44

BIllie helean

House District 57


Brenda Mckenna

Senate District 9

Mimi stewart

Senate District 17

nancy rodriguez

Senate District 24

neomi martinez-parra

Senate District 35

Katy Duhigg

Senate District 10

claudia risner

Senate District 19

peter wirth

Senate District 25

bill soules

Senate District 37

Linda lopez

Senate District 11

harold pope

Senate District 23

Siah Correa Hemphill

Senate District 28

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